6km Run: Road route ending near Ye Olde Windsor Castle

This 6km route takes you past Ye Olde Windsor Castle ;-)
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 Bookham 6km road route

Distance: 6km (approx)

This is a road route – great if it’s getting dark so you don’t want to venture out onto the commons.
You can start on any point on the circuit (and in either direction!), but I’ll start from the roundabout
on Lower Road/Little Bookham Street going anticlockwise (the hills are kinder!).

  1. From the roundabout head along Lower Road, going through the centre of Bookham. At the bottom of the hill turn left onto Kennel Lane.
  2. Down another hill and look for the road forking to the left (The Glade). Take this, and then first left onto The Copse.
  3. Long but slight hill up The Copse, then straght over the crossroads onto Meadowside.
  4. Take the path to cut through from the end of Meadowside to the National Trust carpark.
  5. Exit the carpark and turn right to follow Church Road past the station and continue onto Little
    Bookham Street.
  6. After the Windsor Castle pub there’s one more short sharp hill and you’ve done it. Well done!

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