An early morning stroll – with a camera and a dog


A few weeks ago, I decided to try and kill two birds with one stone, and take my dog for a walk, whilst also taking out my camera. As a keen landscape photographer, I tend to keep the two things separate for simplicity, but this particular morning, I thought it would be nice to combine the two. 

Living in Bookham we are spoilt for choice with beautiful dog walking spots and gorgeous views, but one of my favourite places locally are the fields around Polesden Lacey, where there are plenty of wide, open, safe spaces where your dog can run free. It also happens to have some of my favourite views in the area too, particularly in Autumn as the trees are beginning to change. 

Before setting off, I had a few spots in mind where I wanted to go with my camera. Walking in this area a lot means you get to know the best spots, and I knew the views that I wanted to try and capture. The morning itself was unremarkable and overcast, so the chances of some stunning photos were slim, but I always consider getting some ‘keepers’ as an added bonus; this was more about being out and about, and simply enjoying the local area. 

I walked down from the car park towards what is known in our family as the ‘downy-uppy’ field. Two inter-joining fields, the first of which takes you down the hill, and then up to the other side (hence its name!) There are several points to enjoy here, but I particularly like the view of the path between the trees, and as you go through into the next field, you get a nice view back towards Polesden Lacey.

I then continued on into another field where I think I genuinely must have taken a picture of the view (with my phone) at least 50 times. There is a bench at the top of the field where you can sit and enjoy the view, and watch energetic runners working their way up or down the various hills. (pic) A beautiful spot to just sit and take in the view, and a real treat to stop and take a few photos. 

As I continued on, I wanted to ensure I stopped near Goldstone Farm, as this is another favourite spot of mine. I love the view from the farm overlooking Bookham and beyond, and as a dairy farm you can always guarantee a few cows pottering around. 

It’s amazing that all of this is on our doorstep, and I never get tired of walking here… I just need to remember to take my camera out more to make the most of it!

All images © 2019 Marie Davey

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