“histreet” helping Bookham shop local


New local online shopping company delivering from your favourite local shops to your door

Starting in November 2020, histreet brings the convenience of shopping online to your favourite local shops. You can now buy from your greengrocers, fishmongers, florist (and more) in one easy checkout and get it delivered to your door! You can also get your gifts from local arts and craftsman or birthday cakes and treats from nearby bakers. 

Our vision is to make this platform a local online community that provides convenience to shoppers and supports small businesses. We already have a number of your Bookham favourites signed up, including Ron Fowler & Sons, Blakes of Bookham and Laytons Greengrocers.

Before we started, we did a bit of research to understand why shopping local is so important! There are so many benefits, so we have just picked a few here:

– When you shop locally, it provides stimulus into the local economy. This is because locally owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses, services and farms and hence keep money within the community. This helps grow other businesses and increase local employment.

– The environmental impact is reduced. One of the most important ways buying locally helps the environment is by reducing your food miles. By shopping locally, you are purchasing goods produced in your local community. Conversely, when you shop at the supermarket, many of the food items you buy travel over 1500 miles to reach your plate. By cutting down on these miles, you are reducing the environmental impact of your food. Local food doesn’t create large carbon footprints through overseas plane travel or long truck trips. 

– Unique businesses create character and prosperity. The unique character of your local community is defined in large part by the business that reside there, and that plays a big factor in your overall satisfaction with where you live and the value of your
home and property. 

We hope you enjoy the platform and learn about all the small businesses that are around our area! Do contact if there are other shops in the area, you’d like to see onboard.

Check us out at: histreetdelivery.com

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