It’s that time again! This year the local elections take place on 5th May 2022. We will elect one councillor for Bookham North and one for Bookham South. 

As in previous years, ILIB has contacted those standing asking for a brief summary of who they are, which party the represent, and what their main policies and promises are. The responses we received are below.

Local Elections are about local issues, and the candidates below have written about how they will serve the local community if they are elected to office. 

We hope that you find this summary of candidates useful. Please take a moment to read up on each candidate in your area, and above all make sure to vote if you are able to, on Thursday 5 May, from 7am to 10pm.

Please note: All candidates were contacted in our Facebook Group and also via email. Bios are correct at the time of publication, but please contact us if you notice any errors. 

Candidates are listed in a random order each time you refresh the page. 


Bookham North

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Bookham South

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