Mole Valley local plan – key info

What is the local plan? Does it affect me? Why should I care? Click here to find out about this plan to build nearly 500 new homes in Bookham
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What is the Local Plan?

Mole Valley (MV) have been given a target by central government to build a certain number of houses. They have no choice but to meet this target. 

MVDC have produced a draft plan that aims to build 2,200 of those homes across the district on greenbelt – protected undeveloped wild land to conserve the countryside. This draft plan has been released for us, the residents of Bookham, to review and feedback to MV on. After that they’ll review all the feedback, make changes and then have a final decision.

On the one hand housing is very much needed and must happen; and on the other hand the plan proposes building  on our greenbelt, which will take away areas of countryside. The question is less ‘should they build’, but more ‘are they building in the right places’?

Public Consultation

MV will seriously consider our feedback. Responses need to be strong & objective. NIMBY / subjective comments won’t wash. This response can be to specifics of a site’s plan, or yes/no to a site overall. In summary:

  • 5 sites have been proposed in Bookham
  • These total c.480 houses and 4 gypsy / traveller pitches. Over half of these are on one site – at Preston Farm -between Effingham and Bookham, near the Commons.
  • This document shows all 5 sites, gives each a very brief summary, shows where they are, and the timetable for the consultation process.
  • In due course (as soon as MV tell us) this document will also provide clarity over where and how to send your responses.
  • You can submit your response between Monday 3rd February and 23rd March – after that, the consultation closes.

How can I respond?

The public consultation on Mole Valley’s draft housing plan IS NOW OPEN. 

Please note: the most effective feedback will be objective, evidence-based response. Emotional, subjective or ‘NIMBY’-style response will have no effect.

We would encourage you not rush to respond now, but wait to read HERE some of the well made arguments for how we might object as a unified front to some of this development.

Please watch this page, and sign up below, to be notified of new articles – they will be designed to help you, the Bookham residents, respond.

More housing is needed, but it is about how & where that housing is best delivered. Together with the BRA, this site will be collating perspectives from local meetings & discussions with residents, councillors, associations and local hard-working experts digesting the thousands of pages in the plan.

This website will put out all the key objective points to raise in MV’s response survey in an easy, digestible format so that we, the regular residents, can respond to this consultation in large numbers, with well formulated arguments. 

Details of the sites

The MV document is 221 pages, excluding a much larger appendix. Going to read that? So, here we have provided a quick, easy-to-read summary to help inform you and make it easier. Please give your attention – it really matters.

The 5 sites proposed for development by Mole Valley (1-4 are greenbelt and 1 is also a Conservation area):

The map below shows where the sites are (coloured light green). Click on the numbered circles for an overview of the plans for each site, and then read a bit more detail for each one in the table below.

Map with colors local plan

Site 1: Preston Farm

Plan: 250 new houses + 2 new traveller pitches (approx. 600-700 people)

About the site:

  • Greenbelt, extending for several miles onto Bookham Common & across Effingham Common
  • Overlaps with Little Bookham Conservation Area
  • Flooding area
  • Site exit onto Lower Road
  • 250 metres from Howard of Effingham
  • Will extend current 29 dwellings already built and sit beside 295 – 350 new houses at current Howard site
  • 1 mile from Bookham train station, 2.4 miles from Effingham Junction train station

Site 2: Bookham Fields

Plan: 164 new houses + 2 traveller pitches (approx. 400-450 people)

About the site:

  • Greenbelt, standing alone but divided by Leatherhead Road from several miles of further greenbelt
  • Site boxed in-between Lower Road, the Lorne, Rectory Lane and Leatherhead Road
  • Borders urbanisation along the Lorne and Lower Road
  • Site exit onto Guildford Road
  • 1.1 mile from Bookham train station, 2.6 miles from Effingham Junction train station

Site 3: Maddox Park

Plan: 5 serviced residential (approx. 10-15 people)

About the site:

  • Greenbelt, extending for several miles onto Bookham Common & across Effingham Common
  • Site among Maddox development and 200 metres from Little Bookham Street
  • Site exit onto Maddox Park
  • 300 metres from Bookham Common
  • 600 metres from Bookham Station

Site 4: Chalkpit Lane

Plan: 11 dwellings (approx. 25 – 30 people)

About the site:

  • Greenbelt, extending for several miles onto an area of AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) then onto the North Downs
  • Site sit besides Leatherhead / Guildford Road, which would be main exit
  • Next door to Chalkpit Farm & Dobbe’s Garden Centre
  • 700 metres to Bookham High Street & 1,3 miles to Bookham Station & Common

Site 5: Lower Shott

Plan: Retail and/or healthcare/community floorspace plus 5 (net) dwellings

About the site:

  • Shall retain a car park as part of the site
  • May force existing businesses to relocate

Key Dates

Tuesday 14th Jan
PHASE 1 – Mole Valley Cabinet meeting to review plan
Outcome: Cabinet have approved the draft plan

Tuesday 28th Jan
PHASE 2 – Mole Valley Council (41 councillors): full council meeting to approve (or not) the draft plan.
Outcome: Cabinet have approved the draft plan for public consultation

3rd February – 23rd March
Draft plan released for public consultation. By 23rd March, any comments / response to the Draft Plan that residents wish to submit, must be submitted.

Thursday 6th February
BRA hosting a Public Meeting for residents to understand the implications of the plan on Bookham and enable informed contributions to the consultation process.
Venue: Old Barn Hall, starting a 7.30 pm. All are welcome

Wednesday 4th March
MV Bookham Exhibition where officials will be available to answer questions
Venue: Old Barn Hall, 3pm to 7pm

Monday  23rd March
Public consultation closes – Residents can no longer submit their feedback to it
The Draft Plan will then be submitted for review by a government inspector next year.

Over the next few weeks, we will be providing more information about the public meetings, ways in which you can get involved by spreading the word about this consultation, and the most effective ways to file any objections you may have. 

Time and time again we have been told that the councillors in charge of these plans really will listen to us, the residents

Help us shape this plan in the best interests of Bookham by getting involved, by responding to the ‘calls to action’ that will go out in the Facebook Group and on this site, and by telling your neighbours and friends. 

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  1. Are you all not aware that there is an underground springs around this part of Bookham?
    Also being as all on flooding areas you (MVDC) should consider adding balancing pond/small lake at least somewhere particularly in the landscaping just to take floodwater and also for wildlife too.

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