Poems submitted for National Poetry Day 2020

Bookham, it feels like home

Steve Poole

It’s less than an hour from London
But a world away from the smog
It’s simply uncommon with a beautiful common
Where Swampy holds sway o‘er the Bog

Ah Bookham, Great and Small (sorry, Little)
It’s more than the sum of its parts
With its splendid Barn Hall, Another Brick in the Wall
And the Squareabout right at its heart

It’s green all around when you roam
Bookham, it feels like home

Bookham, both Little and Large (sorry, Great)
Linked by the umbilical Lower Road
Where the springs rise with rain, to flood yet again
Well at least they pop up in this Ode!

It’s Great for anything you want
With shops and places to feed
Pubs for a beer and a chinwag to cheer
It caters for every need

It’s Little enough to know
The people you meet on the go
A community that cares, and one that shares
That’s got your back when you’re low

It’s a place where you’re never alone
Bookham, it feels like home

A field away to the West
Is a place that’s profane in name
It’s called Effingham and not Effingspam
Pronounced without fear or shame

It’s got no Little or Great
Just ham, served on the same plate

Bookham, there’s no place quite like it
Though some would say it in plural
Twinned with each other, like one big Big Brother
And around it’s all pleasantly rural

There’s not much more to be said
It’s a village that gets under your skin
You can keep your far-Fetchedham
And your prim Effingham
I’m happy where I Live In. Bookham!

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