Poems submitted for National Poetry Day 2020


Eileen Darbon

Let’s think happy thoughts,
think of the plusses and not the noughts.
Keep your chin up, Keep calm and carry on,
onwards and upwards, to infinity and beyond.
Times are rough, Times are hard,
but isn’t it about how you play your cards?
Always be kind, and if you can’t,
then keep your mouth shut, it’s what we want.
Make a habit of always saying YES,
do what for you, is always the best.
Be honest, be straight, spread love and ignore the hate.
You get one life, so make it count,
yes there will be fear, anxiety and doubt.
So, open your mind, your heart and your soul,
keep going, keep focussed, your mind on the goal
Shout out what what you want, and go and grab it,
because the only way to truly have something is to truly ‘have it’
Be positive and fierce, and take what you need,
without hatred or judgement or prejudice and greed.
Happiness comes not from what you have, but how much you give,
Now go out there, grab life by the balls and LIVE!!!
When life gives you lemons or things feel crappy,
Do whatever the hell makes you HAPPY.

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