Poems submitted for National Poetry Day 2020

Strange Time

Val Cross

My friends are in square boxes
on the screen
As we ponder on the places
we have seen
Who knew that in our later years, as hair turns grey
and wrinkles come
We’d live like this
detached, alone when told
to stay inside our home

We’ve lost a year, precious time but so have others
as we know.
Young working mothers
trying hard to cope,
youngsters who missed school and hope
to be with friends
who like to mix in numbers that are more than six.

It is no year to be sixteen,
the prom, the parties
that might have been
The students under lock and key, missing so much
at university.

For working people,
young and older,
precarious times and hope there’s a shoulder….
….to cry on if they need it.

But hope and trust
we should have, in all those working in a lab
that somehow
they will find a way
to get us all back out one day
to live the life
that we once had
oh happy day we’ll be so glad
to hug our friends
and family dear.

And thank you all
who work so hard
to keep us healthy
you know who you are.
We thank you and we hope
one day
we’ll all look back
and be able to say
“That was a strange time,
it was one to miss”
as we play and dance
and hug and kiss.

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