Poems submitted for National Poetry Day 2020

The Greatest Blessing

Anna Smith

Do you remember that time,
When we didn’t have to rush out for quarter to nine.
Made forts out of cushions and boxes became cars,
Danced in the rain, gazed with a renewed awe at the stars.
Do you remember when we talked for hours,
Ran giggling under the sprinkler’s showers.
Watched films, read books, enjoyed just being,
Learned that art is all around us, if we open our hearts for seeing.
Do you remember when the seasons changed,
Through the storms and the golden sun, our rainbow heroes came.
We clapped for them, each passing week,
Emboldened by their strength, the darkness felt less bleak.
Do you remember when we lived in a world,
When the storybooks remained untold.
We were writing our own history books,
Swimming out of life’s rapids and in to babbling brooks.
Do you remember we found solace in the still,
Went walking in the woods, by the sea, overcame the highest hills.
We found time to be taught life’s one true lesson,
That simply being alive is the greatest blessing.

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