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Purpose of this site

Bookham is a great place. It truly is a fantastic location. Like every small community based in a historic location, over hundreds of years this vibrancy and identity has very much grown outwards from the hub of the village – the High Street.

Yet like everywhere across the UK, the ‘high street’ struggles against the internet. Bookham’s high street cannot compete on solely a transactional, product basis – its opportunity sits within both the quality of its offering but also the experience and service that comes with it – which are two subjective sentiments you cannot get on-line. Bookham needs to also expand its offering beyond the village, reaching wider to audiences outside of Bookham. To support Bookham’s drive to continue to be a vibrant village with an array of quality offerings, this website has been set-up with the following key objectives:

  • Retain, enhance and promote the character and variety of offerings from Bookham
  • Sustain & build the sense of Bookham being a place to be proud of
  • Increase inhabitant contribution to Bookham prosperity including trade
  • Increase inhabitant engagement with local initiatives
  • Increase business’s desire to serve and stay in Bookham, and for new businesses to come to Bookham
  • Compel potential visitors to see Bookham as their first choice destination
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