Welcome to Bookham

Thanks to our contributors...

This website is designed, created and driven by Rich Davey and Dan Coffin – two local residents, Dads, with full time jobs, young kids and other hobbies & interests. The content development of this site just would not have been possible without the generous support and contribution of a variety of people, to whom we would like to thank:

Local Residents / Retailers:

  • Marie Davey (local photographer) – author of “An Early Morning Stroll” and for many of the photographs
  • Ian Swinney (Bookham Commons Ranger – author of the ‘Day in the Life’ article and of the ‘Bookham Common overview’)
  • Amanda and Angela Blake (author of Blakes Florist article, and for a very open offer of financial help on ANY of this project)
  • Steve Pearce (author of Pearce Bakery article, and for baking 50 FREE cupcakes to help promote the new website)
  • Mary Morgan (author of the walking routes)
  • Toby Conant (author of the road biking routes)
  • Daisy Plant (author of Bookham high street history, and Bookham history)
  • Emily Von Reibnitz (author of environmental article ‘The Sea Starts Here’)
  • Inge Woudstra-Van Grondelle (author of the cub leader article)
  • Iain George (for providing a free promotional banner)
  • Local friends / residents for testing the website before launch


  • Mole Valley Runners (various members, author of the running routes)
  • Surrey County Council for their grant of £400 to help finance starting up the website

Finally, thank you to the creators of this site: Richard Davey and Dan Coffin. And a particular thanks to their wives who have put up with them and the time away from the family that developing this website has consumed.

November 2019.